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The Sunny Side of The Street

After many kilometers, many hours on buses through South America, and even a month in Greece and France I have made it to New Orleans.  I am subletting a house in Treme with my dearest friend, Erin.  Ultimately the plan for now is to find a job, work until I save a sufficient amount of money, and hopefully within that time decide on a new adventure.

However, even the New Orleans weather has proved to be an example to the way I have found my life to be.  Only moments ago the sun was shining, Gulf Coast clouds were rolling by and within seconds came thunder, lightning, and a torrential downpour of rain.

Who knows what the future will bring?

It only takes seconds to significantly change!

This moment though, seems to be exactly how I imagined it.  Enjoying a delicious coffee, keeping the doors open to enjoy the rain, WWOZ playing on the radio, the neighbors shouting, “Damn son!  That’s some rain!” and of course the company of someone who really knows what it means…(to miss New Orleans?)

Even with this symbolic pleasure of the rain I am having some difficulty adjusting to The Big Easy.  Although I am fully aware and keep in mind a mantra of, “this too shall pass” the first step is always the hardest.  

New Orleans has changed, I have changed, and I have a trepidation that I will never be able to see the city as I once did.  My resolution for this is to change my expectations because I have A LOT of expectations of my New Orleans.

I decided that I am going to take every lesson I learned from traveling to new places and apply it here.  The story can no longer be, “Oh yes, I went to Loyola, lived here for 5 years, and then off and on for these past 5 years.”  It simply has to be, “I live here now.”

In the meantime, during my transition, be prepared for some travel stories, great photos, and a new Map!

Below is the view from my window…how New Orleans is that?!


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