1 : a market (as in the Middle East)consisting of rows of shops or stalls selling miscellaneous goods

2 : a place for the sale of goods

3 : a fair for the sale of articles especially for charitable purposes

My trip to Morocco inspired the idea of some sort of import/export pursuit during my travels.  There are so many beautiful things all over Morocco!  Now I am seeing that there are admirable crafts all over the world.

The world seems to have forgotten the importance of quality in the food we eat and the personal goods we buy.  Supporting local crafts, markets, and cuisines is essential to keeping a cultural presence alive.

All across the world buying locally is a lifestyle that is threatened by the encroachment of superstores.  The goods that I look for are local and traditional.

With any item you purchase 10% of the cost will go to a charity that is within the region from which the goods were acquired.

Look through my findings and purchase something unique and beautiful while supporting these communities all over the world.  Bring my adventure to your home!

October 30th, 2011

Beauty from Cappadocia


One response to “Bazaar

  1. medora monigold

    Your bazaar items have all been sold!

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