Leaving Neverland

The eternal minutes of Corfu have now come and gone. The last weeks were unforgettable. A lot of the reason for me staying two months was for the reunion of my two friends who worked with me on the island two years ago. Lots of “twos” in there…I had been anticipating this visit since we planned it in February and my expectations were blown out of the water!


In those last 10 days one of my favorite experiences occurred, where people from your past and people from your present come together to create a Super Group of FUN.


We danced, we swam, we rode scooters that all looked the same, we drank, and we laughed. My goodness, did we LAUGH. It was as if no time had passed since we were together.  The new additions settled in quickly and provided the same kindness, energy, and hilarity.



LOTS of thanks to Robin for bringing us all together!


All the Corfu magic came out in full force and those last 2 weeks especially will stay a highlight of my life forever.

Onwards!  Now I’ve left Neverland and am in the world of pan au chocolat, fromage, and Ricard. Of course there are more things to Paris than the food and drink. For example, amazing friends who let you not only use their apartment as a storage space for luggage, but also as a home away from home for “as long as you wish.”

Today I was supposed to fly to Cape Verde. I have had this adventure in mind since the beginning of the summer when I was listening to Cesaria Evora and asked myself, I wonder where she is from? After some research I became infatuated with Cape Verde and made arrangements to volunteer with the Turtle Foundation on Boa Vista Island. I would spend two weeks living in a camp on the beach, participating in the following activities of night patrols, environmental awareness classes for the locals, and other data collecting of the turtle’s habits.

This morning I woke up at 5am to leave the apartment to catch my flight. But as most of you know, Paris is a frustrating city to travel through. After 2 metro lines and a bus (really not THAT bad), I made it to the airport 1 hour and 5 minutes before the departure of my flight.

Check in is closed.


Check in is closed.

I begged, I cried, I stomped my foot, and then tried to appease. Nothing worked.

This is not a train station, miss. This is an airport with security measure and this is an international flight.

Too flustered to remember and use in the argument that last year when I arrived only an hour before my TRANSATLANTIC flight from Paris to Dallas I had no problems “checking in,” I said a forced, merci, and walked away.

As with these budget airlines here there are no refunds or compensation for any mistake YOU make.  Even more unfortunate for me, the airline I was using did not have another flight to Boa Vista until the next Friday.

I took my tired self “home” where my friend welcomed me with sleepy eyes and said, woah what happened?

“It’s the second time in two days your people have disappointed me.”

Then I started laughing…because what else can you do? Within 2 hours I booked another direct ticket for a good price and that was that. I fly to Cape Verde on Monday and everything is as it should be.

I mean, what is another few days in Paris? Or should I say in



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