Why Not?

I didn’t make as much money as I expected so I’m going back to Greece, Rome, and taking a trip to Lisbon because I heard it was cool.  Then I’ll come home and work until Christmas and then make a new plan.  I don’t know what I’m doing.

“Yes you do.  You are working, saving, and traveling.”


There are many people I am grateful to for the continuing support in my travels.

Dad, thank you for always keeping your door open and my room available for me to stay.  It makes me happy that we are able to spend this time together.

Sophia, thank you for being my best friend, lazy companion, and confidante extraordinaire.

Mom and Ken, thank you for everything you do for me.  Including the never-ending encouragement, acts of kindness, and emotional support.  I love you guys!

Libertine Bar (plus Bottle Shop and entire Lower Greenville Ave Crew), thank you for welcoming me home with a job!  That is a true blessing these days.   Not only do I feel so lucky for my awesome job but also the gracious, fun, and crazy group of friends that comes with it.

I’ll answer a few commonly asked questions with the most important response I learned during my time in Greece.

Why are you going back to Greece?

Why not?

Why are you going for four weeks?

Why not?

Why do you travel so much?

Why not?

When asked these questions the first time, I attempted to make some justified answers.  I think this was in hopes of warranting my decisions to myself but it wasn’t really working.  Ultimately, I was more stressed trying to give reasons for this trip and what I do in general.

So, I gave up.  I realized my whole life is full of “why nots?”  I should take advantage of those when I can.

I am going back to Greece because I want to see my neighbors, friends, and family I made this summer there.

I am going to Rome because I want to see my Italian family.

I am going to Lisbon because I want an adventure in a place I’ve never been.

As long as I live my life with respect towards others and the things I want do not hurt others, I’m going to do it.

Today, I found an old photo album of pictures from high school and a photo album from the time I lived Austin for Hurricane Katrina.  I thought about all the people who would love to see these pictures.  I thought about how nice it would be to have a home where these photos could be accessible for guests to look at, reminisce about, and enjoy.

I put the pictures away, turned around and looked at my bed.  On the mattress were my clothes and other belongings I am packing for my trip.

My thoughts went something like this…

Woah.  I’m still living my life and making these adventures happen.  I’m still choosing experience!  There will be plenty of time later for nostalgia.

So, today I am grateful to the above mentioned and to everyone who has encouraged me to keep traveling.









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3 responses to “Why Not?

  1. autie gwen

    May you have another marvelous adventure, darling & see you at Christmas! Love you. G,S,C&M

  2. snaphappyshasha

    Love when you post. It’s so real, genuine, and I hope you continue to travel and experience everything you want no matter what anyone says or asks. Get out there!!! I’m saving for my next trip — keep blogging! Love the pictures 🙂

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