Winter’s Funeral

When you first arrived I thought of you as a breath of fresh air.  Your cool breezes were a heavenly escape from weeks of an unforgiving heat wave.  This beautiful transition was incredibly short-lived.

Without any warning, you dried my skin and bit my bones.  No matter my foresight and previous experience I was never fully prepared for this vengeful turn.  I attempted to retreat from your malice but you found me and it makes me bitter.  To me, you are only beautiful in white and still then for only a few days.  I look at you with disgust from windows, praying that you will melt away.


I dream that I am naked.  I dream of freedom.  I dream of warm air wrapping around my body.  I smile with my eyes closed but when I wake, you take all the energy I have to leave the hearth of my bed.

I will not make this mistake again.  I will not allow you to force me to cover myself.  I will not fall into line with your fashion trends, hot chocolates, and lattes.  Go ahead, you will not win me over with your lights, presents, and fireplaces!


Goodbye winter.  I know part of you is still holding on, but I am here to tell you that it is time to let go.  I would suggest not slamming the door on the way out.


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