To Do Lists

I read an interesting article today about making lists.  I wanted to write something about list-making because I actually did that today.  Not only did I make a list but I have almost completed everything on it.  Granted a few of the “to do’s” were simple things like, swim, pack, laundry, cook, and watch the movie The Lady.  However, it felt important to have those written out.

I was thinking about how there have been innumerable times where I’ve written about something that I want to happen.  Whether it be about a person I want to see or meet, or a place I want to go, the majority of these desires have become reality and I feel comfortable accrediting it all to the fact that I wrote it down.  I envisioned the scenario and it came to be!

This past week has been a long one and my first world problems were weighing a little on me.  Of course, there were good friends who endured listening to a few of my complaints and helped me in ways of distraction (i.e. picking locks and rooftop adventures!)

So, today I feel back to myself.  An eternal optimist!  I’ve been anticipating seeing my family in Pensacola and having some time off.  I leave tomorrow for New Orleans and will be lucky again to participate in the Running of the Bulls Saturday morning.  Then to the beach…..

Here is a great list Stephanie and I made when we were living on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand.  We were writing out the pros and cons of our living situation to make the decision whether we should move or not….

What’s on your list?

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