As Luck Would Have It

“Welcome home Flower.”

I have lots of love for many places.  I get excited (sometimes VERY excited) about lots of things.  However, there is something about Italy that is incomparable.  It is not only the beauty from Ancient Rome, the wine, the food, or the Italian way of life but the love that I found here almost two years ago.

As of now I am in Italy visiting Michelle and Claudio Cesaretti.  They run and own La Rocchetta which is one of the farms I WWOOFed on during my first trip through Italy, Greece, and Morocco.  I first came to La Rocchetta in January 2010 and immediately felt at home.  Since then, I have found every way possible to return and be welcomed once again by the lovely Michelle and Claudio.

La Rocchetta sits on top of a hill with a 360 view of several Etruscan hilltop towns.  Directly across is the town of Mugnano.

This view paired with delicious coffee, home made yogurt, muesli, and jovial conversation will make your day an extraordinary one.  An olive grove fills much of the 18 acres of La Rocchetta.  Walking through these ancient trees provides a kind of peace and happiness that is indescribable.  Remember that the olive branch represents “peace” in several stories and cultures around the world.

All the same, it is not only the exquisite surroundings of La Rocchetta but what Claudio and Michelle have created here.  I can only be overwhelmingly grateful that I have acquired the title of “adopted daughter” of these two amazing people.  I will always thank my luck for bringing me here because I am so lucky to know Claudio and Michelle.

I am lucky to hear their incredible stories of being the national fencing champion at 18 years old, chasing Che Guevera for an interview throughout South America, being the main correspondent for the Vatican, becoming an incredibly successful ex-pat, working with Luchino Visconti (the director of The Leopard), and SO MANY MORE!  I am lucky to learn about the world and what is important.  I am lucky to be invited to this beautiful place they have built.  I am lucky to watch Claudio prepare elaborate and heavenly Italian dishes with little or no effort.  It is as though he relies only on muscle memory, chopping this and stirring that.  I am lucky to be able to eat these feasts everyday!

I could continue cataloguing all the reasons I am lucky to know Claudio and Michelle.  Every time I reunite with them a whole new list appears.  However, the most important reason is the love here.  How good it feels to be around the people you love and who love you!

Sometimes it is hard to find this kind of love when traveling.  But if you are open and are grateful for the little things love will find you.

We can all be lucky and sometimes unlucky.  We only have to remember to be aware of the luck and thankful when it comes.

I found a lot of luck and love on our journey through Turkey.  The fact that I am constantly being reminded of this luck and love is giving me an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my lifestyle choices.  It is so good to see the potential we have as human beings.  Kindness, love, and happiness are all out there.  Only when you travel and meet strangers who exhibit these qualities do you believe it.

Ironically, this is an appropriate Turkish Proverb I found,

“A person does not seek luck; luck seeks the person.”

Come back soon for the story of our amazing odyssey through Turkey!

*There are more pictures of La Rocchetta, the people, and the amazing food on my Italy 2010 page.*

**You can even visit La Rocchetta yourself!  Just click HERE for more details.**


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2 responses to “As Luck Would Have It

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  2. I can’t wait for the posts of your adventures! “Luck” finds us when we are open to its presence and power. You are very fortunate, indeed! (And I am very fortunate to have you as such a wonderful daughter.)

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