After a long and strenuous trip with a sprained ankle, two flight connections, and my checked-in luggage getting lost I arrived at Istanbul airport.  Limping out the customs door an hour later then planned I met my companion.


I turned around to see my friend wearing a flat cap and black blazer jacket.  He ran over to greet me.

“I brought you a banana but put it in the same bag as my camera and…”  

I looked down at his camera that was covered in banana pulp.  The gesture was sincere and made it even more so in the fact that I seemed more concerned than him about his professional equipment being covered in smashed banana.

We booked it to a taxi which took us to the Asitane Hotel in the neighborhood of Sultanahmet.  At lightening speed the cabbie drove along the boardwalk and park running beside the Marmara Sea.  A sharp turn took us into Sultanahmet and up, down, and around on cobble stone streets.  ‘A room with a view’ is a very accurate description of the accommodation.  Windows run along the entire wall with breathtaking views of the sea and the towers of The Blue Mosque.

I think I expected Istanbul to be familiar for me the way Morocco was.  My partner in this same realization I discovered was no other than Anthony Bourdain.  We watched his Istanbul episode last night and he seemed to have had similar expectations and realizations about this city.

The focus of Bourdain’s episode was FOOD.  LOTS OF IT.  Todd and I watched and drooled over kebabs, eggplant and cheese purees, pomegranate desserts, and of course my beloved figs.  Oh!  Did I forget to say they sell mussels on the street stuffed with rice and other spices?!  That is my goal today.  All I can say is thank God we had eaten an incredible meal before watching this.

Earlier in the day we walked to the fish market where we sat and had the incredible and famous Turkish coffee.  Once finished we were ecstatic to find that our drinks were on the house.  No hassel, no expectations, nothing lying under the surface.  A complete act of hospitality and welcome.  When we returned later that night we feasted on grilled sea bass and an appetizer plate of anchovies, eggplant, yogurt, and other interesting unidetifiable things.

I cannot lie and say that I came to Turkey with a blank slate.  In honesty I was comparing almost everything to Morocco the only other predominately Islamic country I have been to.  Within my first day I cleared my mind of any comparison.  It has been I long time since I have visited a brand new country and within 24 hours I had to remind myself of my goal.  NO expectations.  I’m going to soak up the NEWNESS and accept the unknown.  The only constant being the motive for the indefinite adventure.

At this very moment I am sitting having tea with my new friend Ozan who works here at Asitane.  He will help us find an apartment where we will live for a month working on the preparations for the Trans-Siberian Railroad.  I am grateful to have this time in this beautiful city.  From the kindness of the people, the exquisite cuisine, the strong tea and coffee, and the beauty of the city itself I know Istanbul will always have a place in my heart.

Later this evening….

Pictures from the dinner I made for for Todd, Ozan, and Atilla.  Ozan and Atilla work at the hotel and let me use the kitchen to cook!  Ozan spent the WHOLE day taking Todd and I around Istanbul.  NICEST GUYS EVER.

Menu: Chicken with garlic, lemon juice, and lemon rind.  Eggplant and peppers sauteed with garlic and spices.

Cucumber, tomato, and the AMAZING Turkish cheese, “peneer” salad-made my Atilla!

BY THE WAY…my lost bag was discovered after I refused to get off the phone with the guy until he physically went to look for my bag.

I called (for the hundredth time in 3 days) and asked about my luggage.  Before I could give my name or tracking number the man said that they didn’t have my bag.

I said, “How do you know you don’t have my bag if you don’t know my name or number?!”  

He said, “Ma’am, we ALL know you.”

I finally convinced him to look for my bag and he found it!  The underlining story is that I never would have talked to the guy who got up out of the chair to look for my bag if I hadn’t befriended Sahin.  Sahin helped me trace my bag when I first arrived in Istanbul.  He Facebooked me the next day and I messaged him explaining that they hadn’t found my bag and if there was anything he could do to help.  He replied with another phone number (the one on the paper he originally gave me NEVER answered…seriously) and this is where I was able to contact the man, Mesut, who found my bag.

Todd was so ecstatic he yelled to Mesut through skype, “We’ll buy you lunch!”  I asked Mesut if he knew Sahin and he said they were best friends!  It was hilarious and wonderful and an awesome relief.

All in all…..Great day.

To new places and NO expectations!



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5 responses to “Insha’Allah

  1. Sydney

    Wonderful post! To lost luggage, squashed bananas and new friends! And of course, the unexpected!

  2. Angie

    Reading your words, Medora, is always a great way to begin any morning. To new things!

  3. Rev. Joy Daley

    Chica, there is a Lakotah saying: Mitake’ Oyasin! It means “all my Relations”. The food, the city, the views, these are but props in the Game of Life. The People, that is different. They are us and we are them, and so on. You choosing to experience the changes and “newness” is hopefully about casting aside those expectations as you declared to do and finding Love in all it’s variations. Love is the only real “thing”, all the other is so you might recognize it no matter the disguise!! Love and more to you and all those who’s lives you touch and enhance with your inner and outer beauty and countenance!! Be safe! Joy

  4. Steve in Dallas

    Aloha, Medora!
    I send you aloha from Honolulu…your trip sounds wonderful, and your Istanbul menu smells SO good!
    I’m having an excellent vacation…relaxing…seeing friends…running…listening to Hawaiiian music daily…so good to be back to where my heart is.

  5. Uncle Darren

    If you have time travel to Konya, Turkey to see the rumi mosque/museum and whirling dervishes.

    Keep writing. We love your blogs.

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