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A Horse With No Name

My first goal in returning to Morocco was to go to the Sahara desert.  Time and weather were against us during my previous stay and we were unable to make the trip.

At that time I was in the mind set that this trip to Morocco was a vacation.  I wanted to do all the things I did not have the chance to when I was working full time at Peacock Pavilions.   Go into town more often, treat myself to Les Bains de Marrakech, practice piano, go to the beach, and most importantly go to the desert.

This trip I had a return ticket and a dream of ultimately moving back to my beloved New Orleans and…settling?

It is humorous to look back, see yourself and ask, “How could I ever think that?”

I knew the desert would be magical but I did not know that the experience would completely throw any notion of “settling” out the window.

Due to some miscommunication my initial traveling companion was unable to accompany me on the excursion.  So in a panic of missing the desert again I contacted an acquaintance I had met at this year’s Mardi Gras who I knew was in London.  A true friend of a friend of a friend.

Via Skype:

“Todd!  I know you want to buy a ticket to Marrakech and go to the desert with me!”

“Can I call you?”

Within 30 minutes he had purchased a ticket to Marrakech from London leaving in 5 days.

When we met at Mardi Gras the conversation was just as abrupt and sincere.

“What do you do?”

“I travel.”

“I travel!  I’ll be in Italy and Morocco next week.”

“Maybe I’ll stop by.”

All of our communications were short and quick to the point.  Neither of us ever looked at the fact that we barely knew each other.  Our mutual friends were the basis of our trust.

So the magic of Mardi Gras and my beloved city of New Orleans created a remarkable friendship that aided me in fulfilling my desert journey.


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